Clare Strand

Young British photographer Clare Strand's 'spots-and-all' images of teenage girls depict the aspirations and unease of a difficult age.
Her work has been shown in galleries and festivals across Europe.

Judges Comments

Teenage Girls: Stacey Clayton, aged 14 years

"The girl is looking a bit self-conscious;
a bit wooden. If you showed it to her and
she said, 'Great, that's just how I see myself',
then you've done a good job."

Score: 11

Teenage Girls: Shereen Khadaroo, aged 14 years

"This I enjoyed very much. Such a beautiful face.
I am sure she would do very well in
cover magazine and face photography."

Score: 19

Spice Girls: Charlotte Lane, aged 11 years

"There's quite a bit of symmetry with this.
It's straightforward, the model is staring
straight at the lens. I quite like it for it's
simplicity. I can enjoy looking at this, but
I wouldn't want to have it on the wall and
live with it."

Score: 14

Spice Girls: Katie Murphy, aged 10 years

"It's a very strong portrait, very powerful eyes
although there is rather heavy shadow there.
She is leaning forward into the camera;
that adds a certain strength to it."

Score: 12

Total score: 56

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