Clive Landen

Clive Landen's recent exhibition and book Familiar British Wildlife depicts wildlife the way we often see it. Flattened by the side of the road.
This is the other side of the idyllic drive through the countryside.

Judges Comments

Columba Palumbus Palumbas B4321

"If you were that way inclined you
could have it as a print on the wall.
I'm sure the nature photographers here
would want to arrange the twigs and
leaves a bit more."

Score: 15

Meles Meles Meles A48

"This is wildlife that's no longer very wild.
Sometimes an author gets onto a certain theme
and you get repitition.
I don't think I could live with this."

Score: 10

Vulpes Vulpes Crugigera B4509

There's a certain sort of beauty in death.
It's surprising how the white line matches
the fur. Quite a pleasing harmony of colours.
But the subject makes you want to turn away."

Score: 14

Strix Aluco Sylvatica B465

"Another casualty and I hope this is the last!
It is awful. I ran over a squirrel the other day;
a disturbing feeling. It's a bit of mess.
I don't know if this is one for the pot."

Score: 12

Total score: 51

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