Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville, perhaps better known as a painter, has collaborated with Glen Luchford on a series where her nude body is distorted by lying on glass.
Her work was shown alongside that of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and others in the acclaimed survey of new British art
Sensation at the Royal Academy, London in 1997.

Judges Comments

Closed Contact No.10

"Overall, it's not a beautiful picture.
If camera club people were doing nude
photography they would be striving for
an image where people would say
'Isn't the girl beautiful?'"

Score: 12

Closed Contact No.4

"The word that springs to mind is grotesque.
It's fascinating trying to sort the bits out!
There's a certain pattern to it,
which is it's saving grace."

Score: 14

Closed Contact No.8

"It almost looks as though
the poor girl has had a slice taken out of her.
It is unusual and makes you sit up and take notice."

Score: 14

Closed Contact No.1

"I think the photographer was brought up
on a diet of Picasso.
There's a reasonable composition.
But she's not the sort of girl I'd like to date!
I would like to talk to the photographer
and listen to her aims and objectives."

Score: 13

Total score: 53

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